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Playing the Long Game

Playing Operation Market Garden – Winter of 85/86

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Many of the seeds which 10K Games grew from, were unknowingly planted four decades ago by a much younger me; a kid possessing a knack for art and a love of history. Sometime in junior high I discovered war games. I mostly remember the Avalon Hill bookcase games at the local game store, like Luftwaffe, Squad Leader and Panzer Blitz. I think the latter was the first true hex and counter war game that I played.

As the next few years rolled into the mid 80’s I discovered GDW. Was it luck that I lived in the same town that Game Designers Workshop operated? Perhaps! The silver lining here was that one day after school, I walked maybe two miles to the GDW Warehouse and asked if I could have a job. I have to thank Larry for hiring me on the spot that day. This was the best summer job I had, and working in the warehouse during my junior and senior summers was actually fun. Boxing up games like Scorched Earth brings back fond memories. Even better, was the opportunity to play Europa at the GDW Warehouse, in a room we called “The Bunker”. It was great, and I was so excited to be gaming with the cool designers and other developer staff from GDW.

Times past from those golden years of wargaming, and soon I found myself completely immersed in Europa, attending Origin’s during the years GRD Games had control of the series. From those conventions I met some of my best friends in gaming. We started our own group outside of Origins and this grew over the years to a dedicated cadre of players. We have been meeting for twenty-five years now and have played many different systems.

New titles and series came and went for our small group. The GMT East Front series, OCS, GOSS, Battle for Normandy, and a few more. I have always enjoyed monster games, mostly east front World War Two designs. I think I was bitten back in 86 when I played Scorched Earth for the first time, and it has never left me. Along the way from the Origins Game Expo in Columbus to Winterfest in Sandusky, I became good friends with the other two principal owners of 10K Games, Greg, and Todd

It is funny how fast time flies, I have known Greg north of twenty-five years now, crazy! I think I met Todd maybe fifteen years ago. Never in a million years would I have ever imagined that together we would a) seriously consider designing a war game, and b) start up a company to do just that, Yet here we are two years in, on a completely new game design, forged from the ground up. There is still a long way to go yet, be we hope that 2025 will be when we release.

Together the three of us have over 100 years of wargaming experience in various forms. It is this collective experience that helps us work from ideas to design elements. It’s been a mountain of work but we press on, meeting weekly, talking sometimes daily over the phone, text, emails or on Discord. Sometimes I feel the only people interested in our project; our labor of love, is us. It’s daunting to try to get a foot in the door, as an unknown company with no previous design experience or name recognition.

Principal Owners 10K Games

Everything hinges upon the success of our first game, Symphony of Destruction. All our efforts are focused on bringing to life the best design in rules and playability, coupled with the highest standards of game components, artistic design and presentation, all of which improves the chances of the game and companies commercial success, and future. I hope you will follow our progress, we truly believe Symphony of Destruction will be unique in design. We hold ourselves to impeccable standards and I am confident if you take a ride with us from these early beginnings you too will find what we are offering will be worth the wait.

Until next time,

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